The power of creation. Inventive one
The laws of nature

The power of creation

The future belongs to the creative and innovative ones. There is no other way to survive in an automated and robotized world. 

Those who know how to use their creative potentials will provide new solutions to old problems.

Creativity and inventivity is needed in all layers of society. Not just our personal jobs or views.

Just to name a few:

  • architecture 
  • agriculture 
  • education 
  • transportation 
  • communication 
  • health care 
  • nature 
  • … 

May all those creative minds all around the globe inspire us and lead humanity in new ways that envision a future for all. 

This site is dedicated to all those creative minds and the creative process in particular. 

A poetic expression of what the future should be: colorful! 

Inventive one
Without rain, no future

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  1. Hmm! The power of creativity is what has driven humanity to everything we have achieved till now and would also take us to greater heights. The world belongs to the ones who can see beyond every situation and use their creativity to provide solutions to every  questions. Question and challenges can never end in life and the best approach to it is to have a creative mind towards it. I agreed with you that there’s power in creativity and surely, if well maximized , the power in creativity would be the reason humanity would keep in thriving.

    1. Leveling up with creative questions and an open mind to resolve problems and guide humanity to new visions.

      That is a creative artitude! Wow!

      Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks! Is that your original art? I like it! I like the clouds and the detail of each rain drop. I agree that continuing to invent new things is the future. There was a funny movie where they were talking about time travel. One guy said, “When will we invent time travel?” and the other guy said “It’s irrelevant!” (Because once they invent time travel it won’t matter when they invented it!)

    Do you think we will ever have time travel or teleportation? I certainly hope we have teleportation. It would save a lot of fuel and time. Some people think it will never happen but they used to say that about phones too, centuries ago!

    1. That is a beautiful copyrighted artwork by an artist. Not me for once… lol! 

      Time travel is trully creative indeed! But has it to be physical? Perhaps we need another dimension?

  3. I totally agree with you, the world is changing and innovation and creativity is the hallmark of development and greatness. We need to embrace creativity in all creation. I like what you are about doing with this site and I commend you a whole lot. Truly, creativity should go beyond our work, it should spread across all aspect of life. This is a good site and I’ll be checking in regularly.

    1. Wow! A creative hallmark! That is a great idea!

      Would you hallmark this site? I bet you would!

      Thank you for your genius…

  4. I fully agree with you when you say, “The future belongs to the creative and innovative ones.”  I’m learning this daily.  When trying to balance working from home and creating a new website, it’s important to remember creativity.  Our own thoughts usually progress toward success if we only follow through!  (I’m working on this for sure!) 

    Thanks for reminding me to be creative and innovative.  🙂

    1. Survival becomes an urgent matter and applies to our time tables as well.

      Make every second count indeed…

      Great point of action! Thank you for sharing.

      An inventive time table? Planning the unforseen an leaving empty spaces reduces stress and all falls into place: forseen and unforseen

  5. Creativity, spontaneity, art, blue sky thinking are all very well and good – but is there no room for mindless doing?
    The daily grind, the 9-to-5?
    Do ants make art or do they just work?
    Do herring shoal for the social or because they must?

    1. You are so right!
      Most of our life is routine and structure.
      WE would fall apart without…
      And the mindless work, is often the most needed.

      It is not the queen that matters, she does, of course
      but the whole colony. A matter of survival indeed.

      Thank you for posting Dom
      I truly enjoyed your comment!
      It made my day

      There is such rest in mindless work

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