What is an invention?
Something new?

What is an invention?

Many among us wonder
what an invention is. 

Let us find
a good definition first

According to the Cambridge dictionary an invention is 

something that has never been made before,
or the process of creating something that has never been made before.”


The world has changed rapidly after the invention of the airplanes.
A revolutionary invention indeed. And it has just begon!

In daily life

On a smaller scale there are many inventions to improve daily life, to fine tune industrial and agricultural processes, to protect and enhance the environment, …

Examples are many.

What is the greatest invention for you?

Thank you for sharing and letting me know.

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What is an invention?
Something that has never been made

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  1. Inventions is leading the world to a greater place and surprisingly there would be so much backward without these inventories around. The inventions around today have been saving us so much things both in the health sectors and in making things much easier for humans. With the great inventions coming and the world evolving, there is bound to be greater things to come.

    1. Yes…
      the ecological and environmental revolution… 

      Without, out planet will perish. 
      thank you

  2. Hi, interesting post. Lets see.. off the top of my head the greatest invention to me would be the invention of the microchip. Before microchips and tiny transistors were invented computers took up the space of entire rooms and were not very powerful. Ever since microchips came along our technological advancement has been nothing short of astonishing. Our world has changed massively since the early 70’s and is now changing faster than at any point in human history!

    1. Yes! Indeed… thank you for adding your views. Internet and computerdevices have brought the world together! No more hiding…

  3. I am a food lover, I like to make food at home every day, and then share it with my family and friends. For me, developing a new recipe is an invention. Some time ago, I had a whimsy, combining mushrooms and quail eggs, and the taste was very good. I also made a video about it and shared it on YouTube. For me it is my best invention.

    1. A good recipe is a joy for ever… and some have survived centuries indeed. Not just food, but its processing also! Great addition!

  4. You know some times, i juts sit back and wonder what this world would have looked like without the inventions we have now, I can’t even put it in any word. Inventions makes it very easy and appealing to live a life of no stress, a life of enjoyment and a life with developed mode of operations. I don’t have a specific invention I can name to my best but I think have these things is very amazing.

  5. This is in fact a very good definition of what an invention is and I am really glad that you could give us h an accurate definition. You see it is very true that new inventions keep coming and there is a big argument if there is ever anything that has not been created. I think that this was the same question that was asked a hundred years ago but today we have new stuff. As we go on, new inventions will keep coming. My favourite invention must be the computer. Very relevant.

  6. It’s very nice of you to share this short and precise article about inventions and what it is. Overtime, human existence has developed and has witnessed some certain changes that improved it’s livelihood. A journey that will take about 2 to 3 month by water has been made easy and time saving by air and it can be reached withing few hours, this is a good example of invention. Internet is one of my personal favorite, thanks.

    1. Mine too… and all inventions enhancing our environment: clean water, clean space, clean earth!

      Thank you

  7. This is a great question!  Invention can take shape in many forms and is an expression of creativity.  I am an outside-the-box thinker prone to approach situations differently than most.  I train people and horses for a living which requires understanding foundational training principles.  However, often times I find that I must innovate in unique ways to take my clients to another physical level of understanding.  One such innovation is the use of blowing up a balloon to teach a client how to access belly breathing and train belly breathing in their everyday life.  

    1. Yes Stacy. Simple and effective indeed. Would you like to write about it here? Just subscribe and Write!

      Thank you

  8. I like your definition of an invention. I have always wanted to invent something myself and I am very sure that someday I will. Looking at your definition of what an invention is, I can say that it is very accurate. There are still so many inventions to be made. Do you intend to feed us with new inventions on this website?

  9. What a great article, you must have worked well enough on content creation, I like how you arrange your topics, if I may ask which format is that? Anyway I think from this post I understand the meaning of the word invention, and also the process and development of invention since long time, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles. Thank you for sharing to the public. I believe it will have great impact to many people.

    Thank you.

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