Time travel
Clock tower of the Kremlin in Moscow

Time travel

With summer and wintertime
The world runs before or after
Its clocks

Not good for the mechanics
If you ask me.

The problem would be solved
With watches in real time
The geotime travelling with you

Always accurate
And adapted to Your geo location!

A clock
Running with you!

Time is movement!

©️ Mlaure

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Published by Inventive One

Using our creative brain is the challenge of future generations. Oir left brain is slow and stupid. Forget it! Our right brain is bright and fast. Use it! And even better: use both!

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  1. This is a beautiful piece!  Did you write this one up yourself?  If so, is there a deeper meaning you wish to convey with it?  I really like the end a lot, “A clock running with you! Remember, time is movement!”  What a great way to end the poem!  I wonder, though, what does it mean?  I know I could take it at face value, but is there more to it than that?

    1. Yes… it is mine…

      Time is a strange thing. It is related to the place where we stand.
      So, it would be nice to have a time that moves with us.

      Better for our biological clocks as well.
      And synchronized at last!

      🤗  thank you for wit 

  2. Unimaginable and fascinating is what we can make time to be and how we make use of time can really make the difference in what we achieve in life. Wow! I really like this a lot and how the message has been encoded within a little number of lines to make for easier understanding. I know there are lots of meaning attached to the piece and especially the hidden and deeper meanings. I will still bookmark this to reread.

  3. The last line really got me a lot, time is movement. Wow! simply awesome is this post and as beautiful as it is, I really got the full grasp of the message in the full length. I really wish that one day soon, all of us would be able to understand that our life is based on time and every minute counts in it. A great piece. Though I’m not too good with poetry but then, I am a site loyalist henceforth

  4. I like this.  It shows how relevant time really is.  Is my time the same as somebody standing 10 feet away from me?  Not quite!  As you say, no good for the mechanics.  Also impossible to implement but I love the theory as time actually is fluid.  The way some time zones are set up is almost nonsensical.

  5. Thanks for your post! Hmm, I think that there is a lot more to time than even location. For example, there is a violinist that I know who is an extremely quick thinker. When you stand next to him, you feel like a turtle, or maybe even a sloth. Do you think that people’s time perceptions may be different depending on how their brain reacts to time. What would be the best time to sync the external and internal times? I think it’s impossible, but it is still an interesting consideration when thinking of time.

    1. You can add many factors indeed, like your own biorhythms Within one universal time. We really need to leve our concepts of time, they are no longer accurate and adding or substraction every while is not a solution…

      thank you

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