Online virtual worlds
Is this the future of our world?

Online virtual worlds

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Print and design in 3 dimensions (3 D)
Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual worlds
become reality
Beyond imagination

The future generation
Will grow up with personal assistants
Perfectly adapted to the body and brain of each

Permanent control
Permanent improvement
Permanent adaptations

Something to be scared about

What will improve creativity?
It is beyond cognition

What will improve inventions?
It is beyond patterns

Will we turn into robots
educated by a virtual world
Far from reality

Or will we improve
Our neural networks
beyond individuality?

A lot of questions remain
most of them ethical

It needs more than a creative brain
To patch virtual gaps

Dissociation is the new horror

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Published by Inventive One

Using our creative brain is the challenge of future generations. Oir left brain is slow and stupid. Forget it! Our right brain is bright and fast. Use it! And even better: use both!

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  1. I think personal assistants and virtual worlds, the age of robots performing labor that people used to will improve the world. With each revolution – industrial revolution, tech revolution, etc., our world has only improved and lives have been made easier and more convenient as a result. If anything, they’ll open up new avenues for life. I don’t know what those avenues are and I don’t have the answers. I do know that history is on our side with every tech boom, stemming back to when our stone-age ancestors discovered agriculture. Nothing to be afraid of, but a lot to look forward to. 

  2. The existence of the virtual world does at times bring shiver when I think about the depth to which it is all going. The things that’s been innovated and are being brought into the world are just about magical yet it’s just what the human mind can develop and just at times I think this might just be the end of the world. It’s all too good a world to be true. I wonder where we will be in the next 20 years with such technology.

    1. Yes… out of reality indeed…

      Seeing youngsters and adults closed up in virtual games is hallucinating 
      Thank you for sharing!


  3. I like the freezers poetry you’ve got going on here. It is somewhat scary to think about where technology is going. For years, people have been getting lost in virtual worlds to the detriment of their real lives, families, and jobs. I had a friend who got completely sucked into a virtual game that he dropped out of college and had trouble keeping up afterwards. I know that in raising my own kids, we are trying to limit the amount of connection to the virtual world they have because we don’t want them to become dissociated with reality. It’s tough, but I feel necessary! Thanks for this thought-provoking poem.

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