Inventive education
It is YOUR story…

Inventive education

Be not afraid of failing

Failing is part of learning
Real learning

The fake teacher
Teaches nothing

Making mistakes is part of life
Trial and error untill we get it right

Is that so?

Education is more than learning
And making no mistakes

Educating is becoming
Who you are

And mistakes
Are part of it

Seek a teacher
teaching life
Not theories

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Rich dad poor dad, make a choice


Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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Using our creative brain is the challenge of future generations. Oir left brain is slow and stupid. Forget it! Our right brain is bright and fast. Use it! And even better: use both!

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  1. I appreciate your sharing of Rich Dad Poor Dad audiobook version. The actual book has guided me for years and my copy of the book is out there I lent it out to younger people in our church to teach them financial literacy. Robert Kiyosaki is the best teacher I ever have, although I still have to meet him in person. 

    Being a fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his teachings (Rich Dad’s money principles) I would like also to get a copy of this audiobook. From where did you get this audiobook? Have you paid any in having a copy of this? Is this possible to be transferred to my phone via Bluetooth technology or ShareIt app?

    1. Hi Gomer, thank you for sharing your own appreciation.
      Kindly find a new link, in case you want to shop your own…

      Have a great time

  2. I have heard it said that more is learned from mistakes than from success. I know this is definitely true in my life. I think what I struggle with most is being a perfectionist. I want to get things right on the first try and not fail. However, that’s not how life works and I have spent years trying to learn that and put it into practice. Thank for the resource as well. The book looks interesting!

    1. So true Steve… 
      We are stuck With our strive for perfection and our fear for failure indeed…

      Yes the book is a must read indeed… I added a  link in case you want to shop one
      Good luck

  3. For the most part of my life, I’ve been a left-brained guy who loves numbers, analysis, and logic, which is no surprise because I’m surrounded with mostly left-brained people. But recently, I’ve started to tap into my right brain, which enabled me to discover amazing things in life. I think I’ll keep on unleashing my creativity to see how far I could go. By the way, keep up the good work here and I hope you create a lot of inventive people in the process. Best wishes to you!

    1. Thank you Dominic!

      Yes… tapping into our left brain is a fast magnificient world, running on a super computer…
      the universal network beyond borders

      keep tapping and sharing

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