Creative thinking
Close your eyes and think

Creative thinking

Many believe
creativity is the monopoly
of a few elected ones.
Not so.

We all have two brains
A logic Left one
And a creative right one
They join in the middle

The secret lays in the crossing
Your left side is ruled by your right brain
Your right side by your left brain
With some exceptions

Two ears to listen
One mouth to speak
One hearth
And yet two lungs

Some tricks?

Start thinking for your self
And close your eyes
By doing so, you activate
Your alfa waves

And think out of the box

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Published by Inventive One

Using our creative brain is the challenge of future generations. Oir left brain is slow and stupid. Forget it! Our right brain is bright and fast. Use it! And even better: use both!

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  1. This is all so true!! We all are able to be inventive and activate our creativity. We are all unique. We may think that one is more gifted than us but with a little more confidence, we can climb mountains! Thank you, very inspiring words. For many years, I thought that i was no good at writing. That I was not a natural. That I didn’t have enough knowledge or hadn’t read enough books. I was wrong. I can be as creative as anyone! 

    1. Yes! And you can train and improve that.

      Just know you also need to master some tools, like alphabet, spelling  and Grammar.

      To you.

  2. Hi Hip,

    Thanks for this post, it is certainly thought provoking. I recently attended a workshop on how to find your “flow”, the person holding the workshop talked about meditation time. By meditating for thirty minutes per day, you can have more control of your mind, mood and productivity. It this the type of thing you are talking about?

    1. There are many ways to activate our creative brain. 

      Just to name  a few:

      – Meditation is indeed a way to activate alfa brainwaves. And also a way to center without distractions. 
      – Others will use special headphones with special recordings to enhance them. 
      – Some wIll use relaxing methods like coloring . 
      – Reading an inspiring text
      – And others need some restful sleep .

      It is important to know what triggers your own creative waves…  and activate them.

      One is centering in the midbrain

      Good luck!

  3. Living in the creative zone is the best way to maintain an interesting life and avoid boredom. Playing music can be a great way to step into a creative space, but not always. I’ve met some musicians who will only play a song as it is written and recorded — which leaves no room for personal creativity. Once the musician allows themself to adapt to the enviroment, adjust to other musicians, and artfully emphasize the notes that want to be played the strongest, they can enjoy a space of creative thinking.

    1. Living in the creative zone indeed… I once witnessed a group of musicians, playing together and creating a piece where we stood.It was the most wonderful play ever heard and a never forgotten experience. 

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