Creative activation. Inventive action. Be cretive and constructive
Be inventive and constructive

Creative activation

Be inventive
And creative

Action is not just one shot
It is a continuous effort

Almost a ritual
A routine

It is not about planting one tree
It is about planting a forest

It is not about caring for one
It is about caring for all

Let your action be constructive
Something that adds value

Not just another protest marsh
Leaving streets dirty and destroyed

Not just another destructive outing
Enough anger and frustration

Not just slander and accusations
But a constructive dialogue

Our world needs action
Positive actions

Constructive outcomes
And inventive solution that last

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Published by Inventive One

Using our creative brain is the challenge of future generations. Oir left brain is slow and stupid. Forget it! Our right brain is bright and fast. Use it! And even better: use both!

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  1. Continuous action is much more appropriate, and productive, in the long run.

    Having a plan, and establishing a routine are also part of this efficient strategy that you expound.

    Thanks for posting this, it brings a lot of very important questions to the fore.

    What is your main concern in today’s fast paced world?

    Do you feel that the streets have to be destroyed to make your message heard?


    1. Dear Paul, unless it is a bad street, full of holes, it needs not be destroyed indeed! Great point you make here. The actual message for change would be amplified if carried with creative actions. Not just shouting voices… And not just temporal but timeless actions as well… made to endure, to last. 

      Thank you

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I really like your article .Creative activation is really good for future generations .That’s why your article deserves praise .Without creative thinking, people can never move .It is a constant effort .A beautiful routine that wraps up life .It’s not about making something smaller or waiting for something bigger .All it requires is a strong will to get enough attention .And one of the biggest examples you can give in your article is to plant a tree .This tree is smaller but I am much bigger .And if the future generations do not have challenges, they will never be able to advance .So your article is very useful for the current generation .

    1. Namaste Shanta! 

      If we do not act, there will be no future. Our planet is in real danger. And action starts with our own choices. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Our choices are often inspired by short term views, easy and quick results with big consequences for the future. Its starts at home indeed.

      Thank you for adding your precious views

  3. I love that, it actually correlates to any aspect in life. Personally I think that relates to me when it comes to having a business.

    The idea of thinking of the long term and not staying in the present time. That for me is a recipe for success. But from reading that I can see so many messages so it all depends on personal interpretation.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Yes Joshua, it does. And creative activation applies to business as well. Well said. Thank you!

  4. Our species is in general destructive in nature. We all need in our lives a more positive aura and to add value to our actions. Lovely little positive post you made there. If only we could all do the simple things that you just wrote our world would be so much in better shape.

    1. Yes, is seems we come from another planet, without much respect for this one. How odd indeed! Yes, let us add the simple things for real change and they will become big ones! Thank you for the master key!

  5. Well said.

    This post is simple and yet packed with helpful and motivational tips that can spur anyone to action at any given time. I like to think of myself as one who advocates the dire need to take continuous action, especially in pursuit of the things that are really important. So yea, I totally agree that it should be adhered to as a routine.

    Great write up 💪🏽

    1. Hi Rhain, I like your visionary thinking… routine is the backbone of society… if we make it positive, a lot will change indeed. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hey, I enjoy your poem while reading. Creative activation is really very awesome poem. I hope everyone know about the action. Action is playing an important role in our life. Your poem name is really creative for everyone like me. I am feeling very happy now. Now I understand our right brain is bright and fast . Keep this grate work up.

  7. Totally agree. Protest and demonstration have a huge impact on the environment. I have seen a few took place in my country during the last general election and people just littered everywhere. It’s horrible! It doesn’t even represent what we’re fighting for in the first place. And then there’re people who get into fights during a peaceful rally – all for the wrong reasons.

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