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Best surgical masks

When you are infected with a virus or bacteria it is best to wear a mask to prevent further infection for others. Or, as care giver or doctor, protect yourself to prevent infection.

With the corona-crisis raging, surgical masks are sold out all over the world.

People are posting many creative and inventive ways to coop with the lack of masks.

Just a few examples:

How to use a mask?

How to make a mask?

Some even propose solutions with toilet paper. Forget it. It does not work and is even dangerous.

Here comes mine.

How to make a surgical mask
How to make a surgical mask

All you need is a bath towel, some elastics and eventually a stapler.

  • The bath towel should reach from one ear to the other and cover your face from under your eyes, to under your chin . 
  • The elastics should be strong. When making your string, make sure it is not too thight . You will need between 4 to 5 elastics for the string and 2 extra elastics to tie the edges of the towel . 
  • Use a stapler to lock your edges. If you have none, you can use 2 extra elastics to tie the edges of your towel.

Adjust the towel to your own face or that of your kids: from one ear to the other and from under your eyes to under your skin.

Once you have a towel that fits your face,  fold it properly and tie its ends together.

How to make a surgical mask
Folding your towel is essential.

You need three folds!
And your begin and end flaps need to face up.
This is essential!!

Once folded, you need to tie the ends with a stapler or elastics.

How to make a surgical mask
Tie the ends with a stapler
How to make a surgical mask
Tie the ends with elastics

Make your string with several elastics and tie them together as shown in the image.

How to make a surgical mask
How to tie your elastics

Depending of your head, you will need more or less tied elastics.

The average is between 4 and 6 elastics for adults. Just make sure to add 2 extra elastics to tie the ends.

Once done, your string looks like this:

How to make a surgical mask
Elastics tied together in a string

Once your towel is folded and tied and once you have your string, it is time to tie them together.

Tie one end of your string at one end of the towel and the other end at the other.
It looks like this:

How to make a surgical mask
Towel and string tied together

Notice the fold of the towel.
It will unfold when putting it on your face, like this:

How to make a surgical mask
A simple surgical mask

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Take care of you and yours! 

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Stay safe. Take care…

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  1. This is good advice. I was just reading another article that said the hospital professionals were unable to keep up with the amount of masks that they needed, which I think it is more important for them to have it than anybody! This would be a great way for the rest of us to stay safe but at the same time leave the masks for them to use. 

    1. Yes, indeed… just know it is only effective if you are infected.
      You can spray some lavender or thyme on the outside as a protective filter. 
      It is very basic.

      Hats of to our medical staffs all over the world. 
      Let us help them where we can, just like the providers of food and beverage.

      The crisis might last longer than we think… let us invent new ways to serve all!

      Thank you for your comment. Stay safe!

  2. First I want to say thanks for such a beautiful website. Especially the template and color choice is great.
    Now about the article, I was browsing online to find out about surgical masks. I couldn’t find the right information about surgical masks online by researching for a long time. With the corona-crisis raging, surgical masks are sold a huge number out all over the world, In some countries, masks are being lacked. But we can easily make this if we read this article. I hope those who read this article can make surgical masks very fast.
    Thanks again for sharing this informative post. I will share the post with others. 😊😊😊

      1. Thank you! Stay safe!

        We are ll in this together…

        the situation might be longer than thought… time to invent new ways and be creative 

  3. This is a great idea. It’s true that finding a surgical mask is hard to come by in these times, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. The good news is that many of these can be homemade and work just as good. An interesting tidbit here is toilet paper – I can’t believe people think it would be a good alternative. Strange…but hopefully this situation peaks soon or a legit cure is developed so we can return to our lives. I’m remaining optimistic. 

    1. Yes Todd… with the massive lockdowns, scientists are flatting the curve as they say.
      Trying to buy time… saving our healthcare as well!

      Let us all hope and pray for better!

      thank you for passing by

  4. Hi ! I like to find creative Websites like yours. I must say it was a very creative and easy mask you made there.

     Glad you noted it is not a medical advice. I just do not think this mask will help for protecting you from corona virus or from spreading it. However you must ensure all your utensils are clean. It is only the N95  respirator masks that protects. I work as a healthworker and we use facemasks not to spread virus or bacteria from our nose and mouth. But these surgical masks can not protect you fromt he virus because they are not designed to keep viral particles out. 

    I like the idea of your Website of being creative and inventive. It is very important. That is how many modern inventions saw its first light.  Keep up the good work and stay inventive. I will definitely pop into your site from time to time to see if there are any interesting new inventions. 

    1. Hi Hilde,

      It is better than nothing… 
      Even a N95 can give a false feeling of security

      Take care and hats of to all of you. 
      keep safe… rest in time

      Rough times are ahead… 

      I use thyme and black pepper to build up resistance… with much rest

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